Accountants made me see red

I have recently been asked by a firm in London, who had some Sage Training from us, to “tidy” up their accounts.   Please note that they have had a firm accountants acting for them for about 5 years.  During this time there have been no journals to address some major posting errors to assist the directors in understanding their accounts.  The accountants noticed the problems 6 months into the 2nd year of acting for them. (there is no issue of any false accounting)  I have always worked with professional accountants who give me journals to post to bring any changes in the accounts in line with the year end filed accounts.  This way the clients Sage accounts give them accurate financial reporting.

When asking said accountants what they did to try to amend the problem I could not believe what they said “we don’t use Sage so I don’t know what you are asking me.  We noticed there was a problem and the only way would have been to start again and as we were 6 months into the 2nd year we couldn’t be bothered!  Also the girl they had in their offices didn’t really know what she was doing!  People don’t understand Sage so don’t know how to use it and that is why they get in a mess”  Oh boy my poor clients that they have paid for this lack of service!  Thankfully whilst training them on Sage as I have a financial background I spotted the errors and we are now working on getting their accounts they use daily to be more effective.  Agreed they are not professional Sage users but they now have FTRE helping them and we are assisting in their recruitment too.

So please please promise me that if you are thinking of getting Sage Accounts or Payroll, or are currently a user – if you feel you could do with some support from an understanding accounts professional give us a call (we will come and consult for at least an hour free of charge to see what you need!).

Also if your accountant has this attitude MOVE!