Finance Management


FTRE Finance Management – having worked with SME’s for over 20 years’ on their accounts, we offer support with cashflows and budgets to enable you to better understand the financial position of your business. The fundamental failure of any business is often down to a lack of or poor cashflow. FTRE Finance Management works with you to look at current and future cashflow by using historical events together with evolving business plans.

FTRE Finance Management works with you the client to find the best way to ensure your finances are kept up to date enabling you to have a snapshot of the business at any time.

Business development is fluid and ever changing. Even with the best business plans there are always areas that crop up unexpectedly and a good cashflow can help you through that.

FTRE Finance Management starts you off with budgets so you can identify areas of high and low expenditure and you can then plan expenditure against income. This often leads to a review of your suppliers to get better deals or increasing your prices to improve your margins. By having a good budget and cashflow forecast you can check progress on a monthly or quarterly basis so no nasty surprises at the year end!

For Finance Management we work with Sage Accounts, QuickBooks on line and other non sage Accounts users – from start-ups to well established firms of any size.

We offer a free 1 hour consultation to better understand your requirements and discuss how we can work together.




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