Sage Accounts love it or hate it?

Sage  is in the process of launching it’s new version 22 of its Sage Accounts software.  Love it or hate it you will at some point have to convert to the new way of working on Sage.  Having started on Sage some 25+ years’ ago I have seen some great changes in Sage (and dare I say it some not so great) – sorry Sage but you can’t get it right all the time.  If you like Windows you will love both the version 21 and version 22.    It’s like anything though, as a human race we fight change rather than embrace it.   What is there to fear with Sage except change itself.  You still get the stunning reports and support you expect from this highly professional company, the look of it might have changed but the nuts and bolts are still the same.    Did I fight the change of course I did I still remember the original version which was slow, lugubrious and downright frustrating when you needed to do bank recs and couldn’t save them half way through (yes really!).   Today’s  users don’t know how lucky they are.  I am an advocate of all things Sage (must be the Irish in me loving the green colour!)  Seriously though it is an awesome product.  In case you haven’t realized it yet I almost eat and breathe Sage.  Sage Training delivered by FTRE Training is bespoke giving you what you need whilst having access to our many years’ of working on accounts with  Sage Line 50  and Sage payroll.  So what are you waiting for?